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Friday, March 27, 2009

Wester Union Is Best Solution Payment For Indonesian Publisher

Since has released Western Union payment method for Indonesian Publisher by Google Adsene team is so help full especially to me because before it payment I,m always cash my Adsense payment through by check which took many days even 40 days as my experiences including so many charge by cut down in the local bank as mediator payment. The charge is variates initially starting $15 till lately $30 cut. I already enjoying Western Union one times when my payment is $340 and this month my payment reached $1,250,7 from accumulate month is ready to cash by Western Union.

I have to say thank to Google which had improving services to many publisher like me, I,m still hope for next time Google Adsense will be giving more best services and so quick service with many publisher complaint about payment and to days team of Google Adsense proofed that they are commit to doing best services and quick respond.

My interest is next future time they can pay all Adsense publisher through by bank account like Europe publisher.

Thank a lot Google Adsense Team for your work, keep always best services forever.

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

What the best solution to changing Adsense Check?

I,m so despite because when I get my monthly check the Bank was deducted $30, it's equal with 270.000 Rupiahs. My monthly check is small around $150 so if my Adsense income was cutting 30 dollars in Bank Mandiri if so i have profit 120 dollars only. I had ever read that Google Adsense release paymeent through by western Union, but when I was checked in my account still not available fascilitate that available till now is delivery by check for Indonesian Adsenter.

I hope Google Adsense release paymeent issue by bank account it will be helpfull to many Adsenter iand will be save more money otherwise cahnging in the bank with charge of bank service. If any reader know waht the best way to change Adsense Check please inform to me.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

How To Promote My Adsense

Hello reader
I am just want to inform all my readers who find my adsense earning website. I have been joined with GOOGLE ADSENSE at least 1.5 years and till now my adsense earning is still low. Everyday I got 5-10 dollars but sometimes only less than 5 Dollars. I had never to promote or event join with other ads to increase my Adsense earning, so that way I hopefully if any readers had read please inform me how strategic to increase my Adsense Earning with spectacular result.

I am really so thank full to any who giving information for me, I look forward for any readers getting information and I wait for its. Please any readers interest for Adsense sharing lets join with me so we are all will getting Adsense Income more without any policy forbidden to Google Adsense.

I know so many readers or Adsenster who have been build their Adsense so great with the huge income, so please inform to me

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Come Back For Adsense Earning

Hello my reader, just now I,m come back for my Adsense earning when so long time I have been absence caused many different activity right now. My adsense earning always running even I leave without any posting article. I feel my live to be pension enjoying my adsense earning. Everyday some dollars coming to my pocket without doing any hard effort. I want to share with every body in the world even my adsense still low but enough for my monthly expense such as for my Internet budget, daily expense an so on. My monthly earning is $150 till $200 that great sound and I never imagine before if my blogger will be grow up.
I cash my check every month in Mandiri Bank (Indonesia Local Bank),but there is problem because the charge is too high coming $30 for charge cost. I don't have alternate to choose another program to change my check, so if any reader read my article please give me information how to change adsense check with small charge even free. I read that in Europe country adsense earning will be credit to bank account but in Indonesia the service is not available. I have read also that Google Adsense provide to changing check with western union, but in my tab account when I checked the facility to edit payment detail not available western union choices, so that way I always using Mandiri Bank for cash my Adsense Earning with charge cost $30 every check even the number of check is small.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

How To Make Adsense Earning 10 Dollars Up Everyday

Did your adsense earning already high? Had your adsense income enough for your internet cost? Yeah, it's great is your adsense earning was enough to pay your internet subscription so you can keep on going always running your adsense business.

In business scope there is no instant business will be get instant big outcome, you have to do as well as you can to build your business growing up. My experience linked with Adsense Program was running complete year, but my earning Adsense still low I mean currently I got 3-8 dollars every day, not too bad but I want to get more and more income. I just want to telling you that I have running my business only jut to fulfill interlude other wise nothing to do. Actually if conduct my business more enthusiasm
I definitely will get more Adsense Earning.

I have plan to boost my Adsense Earning to become $50 everyday, How I can get the target? If you are reader who have experiences pertinent with my desire please help me, How to make more money with Adsense. At the moment I just drive my Adsense Business without any affiliate program. My Adsense Earning comes little more caused by search engine, so I just prominent to my search engine merely, and every day my page impression around 300-400 page impression.

Had you have opinion to help me to increase my adsense earning to become more? If you have suggestion, I,ll be happy to hear and following you, and thank full for your help to me. I waiting for my reader to give solution.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My August 2007 Adsense Earning

Dear Reader
I just want to share my Adsense Earning in August 2007 were reached $61,20 from 5.383 page view, 327 adsense for content clicks, and 33 clicks from Adsense For Search. It is not too bad in August I got increase number of clicks so it's make my Adsense Earning also increase. My visitor increasingly step by step it cause from many my site had been crawling by search engine. The leading of my visitor make my page rank also more friendly to crawled by Google and Yahoo search Engine, MSN, AOL and others. Several of my site had knew by Google and got 4th page rank. When I search any keyword related with my content I always find out in 10 Top Page View (Health Care Program and Business motor).

It's make me so satisfy, but I have to do more post and post more articles to make my content more familiar with search Engine. I have never to bit interest learning about SEO, but I,m really that SEO is truly help content to be fast crawling by Google Searh, MSN, Yahoo, AOL, HotBird, and so on.

I had no complete yet submitted to most of search engine, only Yahoo, Google, MSN, AllTheweb, AOL,even though, I would like to submit to many search engine in order to make my site to be friendly and easy to find out in search engine with many keyword. I know Key Word is important thing to make my site to be likely crawled by search engine also but sometimes when I posted articles I never thing about what the best keyword for me. I just choose which best topic for posting article even it's not best keyword.

I want to my reader giving comment about my opinion, so make me more powerful and helpful to my site to become Top Ten. I,m very thankful to my reader who want comment in my site that help my site to be famous.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How Does Adsorb Visitor To Your Site?

Visitor is partner of your investment, when they come more to read to your articles every day it meant that you have fix customer who help to your Online Business. It is used as a many publisher in Online Business to promote products or services of their company. Therefore many publisher to going in competition to get visitor comes to their site. What the benefits of load your visitor?

Huge of your visitor is indicate that your website is more friendly in the search Engine or most useful articles to make you visitor addict comes through. When your visitor moreover make your rank in search engine to be number one, at least in the rank of top 10 rank. It is making your website to be familiar and known by millions visitor and lately you have to chance to get profits or income greats to your Adsense.

As a following step to make your visitor always addict and comes every day:
  • You have to update your post every day, at least every 2 days

  • Post any useful articles that visitor needed

  • Try to looking new articles every day to avoid your visitor boring

  • Give chance to your visitor comment to your posting article, it is make interactive between you and your visitor interest

  • Reply your visitor comment as soon as possible

  • Do not disappointed to your visitor if any visitor giving bad comment and you have to be patient in facing many visitor with many temperament

  • You can create your site with music or video streaming, to make your visitor felling fresh when they are visit

  • Learn about SEO( search Engine Optimazion) to additional to your search engine to be easy found by visitor

  • You Can use best keyword to make your post on hot topics, because keyword is topics that many visitor looking for at right now many publisher posting

  • Always evaluate your web site, so you will likely to detect if any problem come or happen

  • Wait and see how much your income will be automatically generate to your Adsense

Above a tips for your website so to be getting Top Ranks in search Engine and make your website always exist forever.

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